Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Book!!!

Get ready for some sci-fi adventures. The next book to be featured and reviewed on The Edible Bookshelf is Trailer Park Juggernauts by Jesse Anderson.

"Trailer Park Juggernauts is a collection of short stories about hillbillies with superpowers. A landlocked angel battles a midget and his army of parasites. A mermaid working the nine-to-five in a crab shack finds her freedom through a stalker. The reborn prophet of Rastafarianism and his green thumb leave the oilfield to square off against the religious right. Conjoined twins with deadly harmony take a break from brewing moonshine to take down an ex-ATF agent who loves murder and methamphetamines. In short, this book is a campy exploration into a world wherein working class heroes have godlike powers as well as blue collars." 

Get your copy today and read along with me in Kindle or Paperback

**Update on the next set of Author Interviews: We will be hearing from Angela Fristoe and Jesse Anderson over the next week, so stayed tuned to learn more about their books!