Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: The Blogger's Survival Guide

Today I am reviewing Lexie Lanes and Becky Mcneer's new book, The Blogger's Survival Guide

I don't usually review nonfiction, but some of you may know Lexie Lane from Voiceboks, a fabulous site for boggers and parents. I am excited to share her new book with my readers and fellow bloggers. So here we go ...

"Being fairly new to blogging, I was excited to get a chance to read this book and learn more about what I should be doing with my blog and how I can help increase my traffic. What I really loved about this book it that it was organized so well. 

All the sections were divided up into logical chapters that made it really easy to find what you were looking for. It also made it simple to jump right to the chapter you need to focus on. More experienced bloggers can skip the getting started steps that help you learn more about what blogging platform to use and how to get it set up. These first few chapters, however, will be critical for brand new bloggers. The authors really lay everything out in basic terms and help compare and contrast and help bloggers decide which one will work best for them. There is no push to go with one platform over another, just the facts about each one. 

Once the blog is set up, the authors go step by step teaching bloggers about how choose topics, when to post for maximum exposure, how to increase traffic, and even how to monetize a blog. I learned so much from this book and I can't wait to start implementing the techniques and suggestions from the authors to start growing my blogs. I highly recommend this to new bloggers as well as experienced bloggers. It's something you will want to keep on hand and refer to often!" 

The Blogger's Survival Guide is available from is Amazon