Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Character Interview: Caecilius Rex (The Atomic Circus by KC Finn)

Let's meet Caecilius Rex, main character of KC Finn's "The Atomic Circus

First, a little about The Atomic Circus

A story is never a good story unless it starts with a murder. The more unusual the murder, the better the story, generally speaking. Meet Caecilius (KAI-KILL-EE-USS) Rex, a young detective in the not-too-distant future, a smog-filled post apocalyptic world riddled with crime and conspiracy. When a new case quite literally falls at Rex's feet, he teams up with his neighbour and associate Kendra Nai, an ex-army sergeant recently dismissed, to investigate. Little do they know that the events of The Atomic Circus will be the first step to solving the case of a lifetime.


1. Can you tell my readers who you are? Do you have a nick name you’d prefer I call you? 
My name is Caecilius Rex. Most people call me Cae since four syllable names seem to pose a certain difficulty for them, but if you’re interested in attempting the proper pronounciation it’s: KAI-KILL-EE-USS. Before you ask, it’s Roman. And before you criticize, I didn’t choose it. Blame my father.

2. For those readers who are meeting you for the first time, what do you look like? 
I suppose if you saw me walking down the street you’d think my attire was a little off. I wear a lot of black. It’s an occupational hazard of visiting crime scenes too regularly: blood hides better in black if it won’t launder out. I go through less clothes that way. I wear high collars and black gloves, and that’s always the same, day in, day out. Other than that I’m not especially striking: black hair, blue eyes, pale face, a lot of worry lines. You’re still thinking about the gloves, aren’t you? Let it go, trust me.

3. Can you tell us a little about your family?
A little, certainly. My mother died when I was nineteen, my father vanished four years prior to that. He’s also presumed dead. Before that they were scientists, a career I never much fancied joining in with, the chemical smell isn’t something I favour. I was never introduced to any extended family beyond them, so I assume that I don’t have any, and I’ve no siblings either, so that just leaves me nowadays.

4. Who are you closest to, and who do you wish you were closer to?
I don’t wish to be closer to anyone. The kind of past I have and the man it’s made of me, I don’t think it would be fair to inflict myself upon another human being in some utopic vision of closeness. That’s why I appreciate Kendra Nai, my neighbour and associate. She appreciates the need to keep a minimum safe distance from one another, she’s efficient and not bogged down with illusions like beauty and love. She gets on with things, like me, so I suppose that makes me closer to her than anyone else, at least in terms of respect and trust.

5. Where do you call home, and has that always been the same place?
Right now I live in Buchanan Street just outside of Dartley town centre, a town in one of the many metropolitan zones of Europa. I lived in a larger place out of town with my parents before disaster struck, but since then the district has provided housing for me when I officially joined the police force. It’s a small, practical house, fit for purpose and comfortable after a long day, which most of my days appear to be now. I’m almost certain that my parents lived somewhere else up until I was born, but I couldn’t tell you where.

6. What is your biggest fear? Is there anyone you trust enough to tell? 
I’m not keen on leaving things unfinished. I’d like to hope that I don’t go to my grave one day with things left undiscovered that would have brought me peace. I don’t think I need to confess that to anyone: one look at the way I do my work should tell you I’m that kind of man.

7. It seems like everyone has a secret. Do you?
Certainly. Several in fact. But if you think I’m going to tell you them, you’ve got another thing coming my friend.

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Meet the Author

Born in South Wales to Raymond and Jennifer Finn, Kimberley Charlotte Elisabeth Finn (known to readers as K.C., otherwise it'd be too much of a mouthful) was one of those corny little kids who always wanted to be a writer. She was also incredibly stubborn, and so has finally achieved that dream in 2013 with the release of her first three novellas in the four-part Caecilius Rex saga, the time travel adventure The Secret Star and her new urban fantasy epic The Book Of Shade.

K.C. Finn has also recently been welcomed into the fold at Clean Teen Publishing as a debut Young Adult author for 2014 - look out for her epic Paranormal/Historical Adventure The Mind's Eye, coming early 2014!

As a sufferer with the medical condition M.E./C.F.S., Kim works part time as a private tutor and a teacher of creative writing, devoting the remainder of her time to writing novels and studying for an MA in Education and Linguistics.

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