Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: End of the Line (Jesi Lea Ryan)

I absolutely fell in love with the Arcadia Series from Jesi Lea Ryan, so when I saw she had written a prequel from Cane's point of view (Arcadia's sister's ex-boyfriend), I had to get a copy. In the two full length books, Cane doesn't get a lot of face time, but he's the kind of character who doesn't need to be on every page for readers to remember him. You get glimpses of more depth than Cane is willing to show in those books, and in this one you truly get to know who Cane is and why he has made the choices he has.

I really enjoyed getting inside Cane's head. Even though I already knew the story and what would ultimately happen, I read each page eagerly. It was fascinating to see what made Cane who he is. His early interactions with Arcadia were laced with emotion that lingers with the reader. It was heartbreaking to watch him struggle, give up, and think he has to settle for someone who doesn't make him happy.

This is a novella, but every page has meaning. It's labelled as a prequel, but I enjoyed reading it after I'd already read the first book, Arcadia's Gift, because you then I got to go back and learn more about a somewhat enigmatic character. That's just my personal preference however. Whenever you choose to read this novella, you'll be happy you did!

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Author Bio:

Jesi Lea Ryan grew up in the Mississippi River town of Dubuque, IA. She holds bachelor degrees in creative writing and literature and a masters degree in business. She considers herself a well-rounded nerd who can spend hours on the internet researching things like British history, anthropology of ancient people, geography of random parts of the world, bad tattoos and the paranormal. She currently lives in Madison, WI with her husband and two exceptionally naughty kitties. Stalk Jesi Lea here:Facebook/Twitter/Website/Blog