Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Book: Under the Almond Trees (Linda Ulleseit)

Looking for a new historical fiction novel? Check out Linda Ulleseit's new novel "Under the Almond Trees!"

Under the Almond Trees is the story of my family – three ordinary women in California who lived extraordinary lives. 

It started with a falling tree branch that killed Ellen VanValkenburgh’s husband in 1862, forcing her to assume leadership of his paper mill, something women weren’t allowed to do. Women weren’t allowed to vote yet, either. Ellen decided that had to change, and became a suffragette. 

In 1901, Emily Williams , Ellen’s daughter-in-law, became an architect – very much against her family’s wishes. No one would hire a woman, but Emily would not be deterred. She and her life partner Lillian set out to build homes themselves. 

By the 1930’s women enjoyed more freedom, including the vote. Even so, Ellen’s granddaughter Eva VanValkenburgh chose a traditional life of marriage and children, even closing her photography business at her husband’s insistence. When he later refused to pay for their daughter’s college education, Eva followed the example of her Aunt Emily and reopened her photography business. 

I am proud to call these women family and honored to share their story.

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