Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: Incantation Paradox (Annamaria Bazzi)

Waking up with the body of a teenager might be a pleasant surprise for a forty-something year old woman. Except, it's not her body. More than a little freaked out, Dolores is desperate  to find out why everyone is calling her Mona and acting like nothing is wrong.

Right from the beginning chapter, I loved the premise for this book! The concept of a woman's  spirit, or essence, being pulled from her dying body into that of a complete stranger is captivating. The repercussions  are endless! Not only is Dolores utterly confused and frightened, she also has to deal with the conflicting and often irrational hormones of a teenage girl. Keeping hold of her real identity becomes more and more difficult as the days pass. She doesn't understand, and has a hard time escaping, the teenage lust felt toward Eric, even when he scares her and gives off a serious  creeper vibe.v At the same time, grown-adult-Dolores is finding herself inexplicably attracted to Mona's "uncle" Jason. It's a mess. One Dolores has no clue how to fix.

On top of the emotional conflict and confusion, Dolores misses the two teenage daughters she was pulled away from. She's desperate to get back to her old life, but reluctant to leave Jason behind. No matter what, she needs help to figure out how to set things right. Eric doesn't seem to be an option, despite her poured-on charisma. She fears Jason is hiding things from her, though, and doesn't know if she can trust him completely. Watching her figure out who to trust was very intriguing. I was pulled into the story and was very eager to see how Dolores would escape the danger she finds herself in. I loved the romantic elements in the story. It was a tricky situation to navigate, but the author handled it beautifully. The last chapter was agonizing as I couldn't wait to see how everything would work out. This is a great read for teens (very clean story) and for adults who want a bit of  magic and mystery!

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