Monday, October 27, 2014

Wizards Rule by Kasi Blake

WIZARDS RULE: Pre-Order Your Copy Today

After three years, the fourth book in the Rule Series is finally available for pre-order at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and the iBook store.

If you haven’t read Vampires Rule yet, it is free at the above mentioned places.  What is it about?

Unhappy as a vampire, Jack returns to his childhood home every year for a nostalgic tour, but this time is different.  A freak incident restores his mortality and takes away his fangs.  A second chance to be human.  All Jack wants is to have a normal life, but what’s normal about a werewolf English teacher, a girlfriend who happens to be THE werewolf hunter, and a brother who can’t decide if he wants to welcome home his brother or stake him through the heart to be on the safe side.

Being human isn’t as easy as Jack remembers.  Although he hates to admit it, he misses his powers.  Then his new girlfriend lets him in on a little secret.  She has a journal written by a faerie thousands of years ago, and that fairy had seen the future.  Jack is destined to battle the head werewolf and save the world from an army of hairy beasts.  How is he going to do it as a mortal?  The faerie handed down a magic rock along with the journal.  It can only be used once.  Problem is Jack doesn’t want to use it against the head werewolf, a man who never did anything to him, especially not when he has another target in mind.  The werewolf that murdered his parents is still on the loose. 

Jack has a choice to make.  Will he kill a werewolf who might build an army, or will he seek his revenge against the one that took his family away?

WIZARDS RULE continues on two years after the third book ended.  Join Jack and Silver as they reunite to fight a new enemy.

The reviews for Vampires Rule are awesome.  Get your free digital copy today and find out why so many are talking about it.

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