Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wonders That We See by Crystal Harrell

New Release: Wonders That We See by Crystal Harrell

Wonders That We See: A Poetry Collection details the life and times, trials and tribulations, and personal discoveries of a young girl during her formative teenage years. Each poem is crafted with a profound sense of awareness and romantic vocabulary in its verses. Themes of isolation, self-realization, and inspiration are present in the poetry, making it an ideal collection for those looking to recover a piece of themselves they did not know were missing.

Book Details

Page count: 31
Published: June 30, 2015
Author: Crystal Harrell

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About the Author

Crystal here: avid reader and anecdotist extraordinaire delivering news to fellow desert dwellers. I believe that writing is one of the most captivating methods of expression, and I love the idea of creating something poetically profound from just the stray thoughts that happen to cross my mind—a facet of the soul that really is beauty in its most contemplative form.

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