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Blog Tour: Mammarazzi by Brooke Williams

Mamarazzi Release Promo Post


By Brooke Williams
Release Date: September 11, 2015 from Prism Book Group
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Danica Bennett isn't sure what she hates more...her job or the fact that she's good at it.  As one of the many Hollywood paparazzi, she lives her life incognito and sneaks around trying to get the best shot of the latest star.  When she is mistaken for an extra on a new, up and coming TV show, her own star rises and she becomes the one being photographed.  Add that to the fact that she's falling for her co-star, Eliot Lane, and Danica is in a whole heap of trouble.

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Guest Post from the Author
Mamarazzi Research Guest Post by Brooke Williams

Mamarazzi is a book I’ve been preparing in my mind on and off for a good 15 years. I first came up with the idea in college when I had to write a portion of a screenplay for my Screenwriting class. I titled the piece “Paparazzi” and had the same basic premise, only with a male lead character. Once I began writing romantic comedy novels, the idea came back and started haunting me. I threw it around in my mind and decided to change the lead to a female and change the name to “Mamarazzi.”

I have my fair share of favorite TV shows and movies as well as favorite actors and actresses, but I can’t say that I did any intentional research before or during writing the book. I do read People Magazine weekly and most of my national news comes from those articles. And I, like many people, have always been fascinated by the lifestyle of the Hollywood stars. I personally find it hard to imagine and it’s not something I would ever want for myself. But what if it happened unwittingly?

Several stars proved inspiring when it came to the novel. I was thinking of Colin Farrell when I wrote about one actor, who only has a bit part in the novel. I needed the character to have rugged appeal and a bad boy reputation. I didn’t base the main male character, Eliot Lane, on anyone, really. But if I were to cast him, I would put Ryan Reynolds in the role. He has a charming appeal that makes me think he would be down to earth in person, just like this character.

So in a way, I’ve been researching this book non-stop in my magazine reading and movie and TV watching. I’ve been preparing all of my life. Haha. I did visit Hollywood once about a decade ago, but I can’t say I remember much and I didn’t have any star encounters. I did literally run into Kevin Costner once at the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, though. It was an odd experience because he was completely surrounded by people clambering for his attention at all times. And here I was just returning from the bathroom and somehow managed to ram right into him.

Mamarazzi was a result of me asking myself a number of questions like, is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence? What if you get to the other side of the fence on accident? And what if you have huge secrets that could toss you back to the other side? It’s a fun, light-hearted book that I hope puts a smile on reader’s faces.
About the Author

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Brooke Williams writes in a sleep-deprived state while her daughters nap. Her romantic comedy is best read in the same state. Brooke has twelve years of radio in her background, both behind the scenes and on the air. She was also a television traffic reporter for a short time despite the fact that she could care less about hair and make-up. Today, Brooke stays at home with her daughters and works as a freelance writer for a variety of companies. When she isn’t working for paying clients, she makes things up, which results in books like “Accept this Dandelion.”  Brooke is also the author of "Accept this Dandelion," “Wrong Place, Right Time,” “Someone Always Loved You,”  “Beyond the Bars.” She looks forward to her first children's book release “Baby Sheep Gets a Haircut” in June 2016. Brooke and her husband Sean have been married since 2002 and have two beautiful daughters, Kaelyn (6) and Sadie (2).

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Note from the Author on the book's inspiration:

I've always been fascinated by the Hollywood life and the idea that "they" are different from "us." The idea for Mamarazzi has been with me for a long time. I'm not even exactly sure when I came up with it, but in college, I had a screenwriting class and I had to write a portion of a screenplay. I wrote "Paparazzi," which was the same general idea only with a male lead character. When I began writing romantic comedy, the idea came back to me and I decided to chance the main character to a female and call it "Mamarazzi." I even had a naming contest so that facebook fans and blog readers could name the characters in the book. Every character in the novel is reader named and approved! Overall, I wanted to examine what happens when you take someone from one side of the fence and plop them on the other side. In the end, famous or not, we're all just people. And in this book, they all have secrets...
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