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EXCERPT: Three Plus Three by Cindy Flores Martinez @AuthorCindy #sweetromance

Coming Feb 2, 2016

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EXCERPT – Three Plus Three by Cindy Flores Martinez

(Exclusive to the Valentine, Pets & Kisses Box Set)


"Hey, there." He crouched down and brushed his masculine fingers through the corkscrew curls on the top of Cookie's head. "What's your name?"

Violet wondered if she should tell him that Cookie couldn't hear him. She and Bob had found out days after they rescued her from the local animal shelter that she was hearing impaired. Her previous owners had probably abandoned her because of it. Violet had often wondered how they could have rejected such a precious animal. Cookie was nothing but love and affection. But then again, if they hadn't given her up, she never would have come into their lives. What would Violet have done if Cookie hadn't been there after Bob was gone? And now that Sydney was away, having Cookie there made the loneliness less burdensome. "Her name is Cookie."

"Hi, there, Cookie." The man reached under her chin and brushed her soft fur.
Cookie's tail wagged faster, and her mouth dropped open in a smile.

"I hate to tear my dog away like this," said Violet. "She really loves to be petted, but I have to go. I have an appointment, and I'm running late."

"I'm sorry." The man rose to his feet.

His tall, lean body and handsome face had caught Violet's attention since the first time she had seen him. She had often found herself watching him without wanting to. Standing there now, the sunlight bathed his sandy blond hair, causing its natural highlights to shine like gold.

He wasn't the youngest of men. His face had been weathered by time, but he still had a youthful appearance.


Cindy Flores Martinez writes sweet romantic comedy and inspirational romance in both English and Spanish.

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