Thursday, February 4, 2016

Romance is in the Air Giveaway Hop: The Crazy Girl's Handbook

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Now to make sure you're really interested, here's an excerpt from The Crazy Girl's Handbook

(which can be found in novella version in Valentine, Pets & Kisses box set, and in the full novel version of The Crazy Girl's Handbook)


Something waved in front of my face, startling me into pulling my hand back, which led to me yanking my hair. Evan’s voice called up to me as he waved a ball cap at me. “Here, Auntie Greenly, Mr. Sammy’s Dad said you could borrow his hat so no one sees your hair all gross.” 

And there was my old friend mortification again. Yep. Is this day over yet? Snatching the hat out of his hand, I twisted my long blonde hair into a hasty knot and shoved the hat on my head to wedge it in place. “Thanks,” I grumbled. 

Evan dashed off to the door of the ice cream shop with the other two boys as I tried to rein in my irritation. I almost jumped when Roman slipped up next to me. “That’s not what I said,” he claimed. “What I told Evan was that you might be worried about someone noticing the gum and probably wanted a hat to cover it.” He chuckled as he pinched a loose strand of hair between his fingers and tucked it under the cap. “I did not call your hair gross.” 

He walked away to catch up with the boys then. Maybe one of the kids will dump ice cream on me and wrap this afternoon up in style. Giving in to the inevitability of more embarrassment, I dragged myself into the little shop. All three boys were ogling the available flavors, though Evan could barely see over the counter and was trying to get Colby to lift him up. Not sure the seven-year-old would be able to help him out much, I started toward him. Roman beat me to it. 

Scooping Evan up from the ground, he hefted the little guy into his arms and held him over the heads of the other two boys so he could see. An animated discussion about the various flavors broke out and suddenly I wasn’t mad at Lydia anymore. I was mad at myself. 

Roman was a good guy. The boys clearly adored him. Sammy seemed like a great kid, and while I had no idea whether or not the boy’s mom was in the picture, I had no doubt Roman was a big part of why Sammy had turned out so well. Yes, the guys Lydia usually tried to set me up with were questionable, but she did it because she wanted me to be happy. Would it really have been that horrible to let her fix me up one more time? I shivered, remembering what had spurred me to overreact in the first place, but stuffed it away quickly. That hadn’t had anything to do with Roman or Lydia. Why couldn’t I have just done what she’d asked for the hundredth time and met Roman at a nice restaurant instead of at a baseball game with gum in my hair? 

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