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Bad Timing by Nicky Peacock @NickyP_author

Welcome back to Kicky Peacock! She's visiting the blog today to talk about her newest book, BAD TIMING, the second book in the Battle of the Undead Series!

Guest Post by Nicky Peacock

Hang on…for a second.

When you’re starting out as a writer, the biggest hurdle is finishing your first book, the next is getting it published; and then you’re good, right? Well, no not exactly. You then have to produce more books and the second one can be just as daunting as the first, maybe even more so.

It took me a year to finish Bad Timing (ironic title anyone?) It’s the second of my Battle of the Undead series with Evernight Teen and came out December 2015. I must admit though, a lot went wrong that year for me; life events out of my control grabbed my fragile writer’s soul and choked the creativity and will right out of it. I always knew that I wanted the series to be a trilogy with a prequel and had a pretty decent plan laid out for the main plot, but I found myself doubting what I was doing and felt like I’d be letting down the readers and the characters if I wasn’t 100% behind by words. These books are told from the perspective of the main character Britannia who is a bad ass heroine with a dry wit and serious case of crappy luck. Now, I had the crappy luck in spades, but at the time I certainly wasn’t feeling very bad ass or particularly funny.

So I decided to write the prequel instead and leave Bad Timing on the back burner. This is why both books come out within a month of one another. My prequel Traitors’ Gate sheds a little more light on the major plot of Battle of the Undead and is told from a new character’s perspective, Lucinda. It can be read at any point of the series and is a free read through Evernight Teen. Changing books helped. Once finished, I felt invigorated to tell Britannia’s story and I completed Bad Timing within just a few weeks.

I still have fears though, as I’m sure every author does. Bad Blood (first in the series) had great
reviews and although the reviews for Bad Timing are currently coming in just as good, I know there will be readers out there that don’t like the way I write, what I’ve done with the characters and the general feel of the book. I like to pack my stories with action. I want the reader to feel like they are watching a blockbuster movie in their mind. Some writers like to take things slower, but for me, it’s all about the action that leads the reader through the plot. Bad Timing is a book of two halves. I wanted to set it up so the ultimate enemy to our blue haired heroine is time itself, something that even the most skilled warrior and strategist can’t rally against. As a writer, I took a risk with this. Not every reader will like it, but I’m hoping that most will at least appreciate that it gives a different dimension to the middle book of the series.

In the meantime I’ve started a second series with Evernight Teen, The Twisted and The Brave. Yet another nervous breakdown waiting to happen, as this one slightly veers away from my usual full-on paranormal genre and heads more into dark thriller territory. If I thought that bringing out a second book was nail biting, I’m dreading April when the first book of this series, Lost in Wonderland is released!

More About the Book!

Bad Timing – Battle of the Undead #2 by Nicky Peacock.
“You know now that monsters are real. Whether they have recently risen to reach for your flesh, or have chosen now to step from the shadows; you are surrounded by them. You also know that I am one too, but I’m all you’ve got and time is running out…” 

There’s no rest for the wicked, especially in a zombie apocalypse. Britannia has used every vampire skill at her disposal to keep those she cares for safe, but with old enemies and unseen adversaries moving against her, she will have to push herself to both her physical and ethical limits to survive. Britannia is changing, but will it be for the better? 

 14+ due to violence and adult situations

Please note this is the second book in a series that should be read in order.

About the Author:
Nicky is an English author living in the UK. When she’s not writing her YA and adult urban fantasy and horror fiction, she is running a writers’ group and helping local schools with creative writing working shops to encourage the next generation of budding authors. 

Some random Nicky facts:
She loves chocolate and hates fleece.
She loves dogs and hates monkeys (they look too human)
She always has one day a week where she doesn’t have her phone on or touches the internet.
Organising is her ‘thing’ and she hates being late for anything.
Her favourite colour changes depending on her mood.
She tends to write in UK spelling (you may have already noticed that!)
She can’t live without TV but could easily live without social media.
Her favourite food is a roast dinner, but she won’t eat lamb.
She’s weirded out by having to write in the third person – so I’m stopping now!