Thursday, December 24, 2015

Romance, Ghosts, Laughs, and Sharks for Christmas! #BookSale

I've got some fun projects coming up now and in the next few months. So if you need a last minute gift idea, or want to stock up of great deals now for your new Kindle, here's your chance!

 is a themed anthology put together by the Creative Writing Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides writing classes to cancer patients.

I was so pleased to be invited to contribute a short story to the anthology. This is the first look readers will get at the first book in my new project, The Eliza Carlisle Mystery Series. So look for "Grandma Crazy Town" in the anthology!
The Ghost Host is ON SALE!
Pick up your favorite medium this week for ONLY $0.99
The sale only lasts until Dec 26th, 2015, so grab your copy now and meet Echo and Ghost Host crew before things get too spooky!

 Shark in Troubled Waters (Date Shark #4) is up for pre-order!
Date Shark fans already know Sabine, but Michael is a bit more of a mystery, for readers and Sabine. Come join them on their adventure full of laughs, heartache, and surprises.
VPK Final 14

Valentine, Pets & Kisses is up for pre-order as well!
Check out these 14 All-New sweet romances. This is where readers will get their first look at "The Crazy Girl's Handbook" in the novella version included in the set. The full novel will be coming Feb 2016!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Level With Me by @seriouslygina now on #Wattpad

 What I'm reading...

I met Gina at a writing conference almost two years ago, and we became fast friends! She's currently shopping out her novel "For The Love" to agents right now, and while she's waits for replies, she's sharing a brand new book on Wattpad called LEVEL WITH ME, which I am loving. 

Check out Gina's new project!