Monday, April 30, 2012

New Book: Faerie Wishes (by Valerie Bowen)

I think every little girl dreams of being a fairy princess at least once. But what about having it the other way around? Faerie Wishes flips little girl fantasies on there heads in this young adult fantasy romance by Valerie Bowen. 

"Talia Saturnfrost has grown very tired of her forest home; she has spent many suns dreaming of leaving the fae realm and living amongst the humans. Her decision is made when she falls deeply in love with Cayden a human male. She only has to utter the wish to make her dream come true. 

Talia soon discovers the grass is not exactly greener on the other side of the realm; as a matter of fact she discovers sometimes wishes can kill you. Will Talia find the love she craves in Cayden? Join her on her quest to find the love she desires and the realization that sometimes wishes do come true just not necessarily the way you had planned." 

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