Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More about Valerie Bowen

Tomorrow I'll be posting an interview with Valerie Bowen, but for today I'm passing on a few links to let you get a better picture of Valerie, and her writing. Valeria has several young adult novels published that are a little more mature than Faerie Wishes, but sound very interesting. You can find out more about her "For the Sake of Amelia" series at http://www.valeriebowen.com. Or if you think Faerie Wishes is more your style and you want to try it first, you can read the first chapter at http://www.faeriewish.weebly.com. And finally you can see what other books and authors Valerie is talking about at http://www.opusnpen.com.

So check out these web pages, and then come back tomorrow for my interview with Valerie!