Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Red Rover, Blind Seduction

After a tragic accident, Teresa is left completely blind and is faced with relearning even the simple daily activities she once did on her own. Luckily, she has friends nearby who are there to encourage her, but she is surprised with one additional helper when her best friend presents her with a very special dog. Red appears to be an average German Shepard, but when Teresa finds herself able to communicate with Red she knows he is anything but ordinary. Then, to complicate her recovery even further two men drop into her life unexpectedly, both vying for her love. 

I have to admit, the idea of a talking dog (although he doesn't actually speak out loud) wasn't one that immediately drew me in. I was a bit concerned it wouldn't work in an adult book. Red and Teresa's ability to communicate actually added a very fun element to the book. Red is a spunky dog with lots of opinions and a bad habit of repeating what he hears. There are many parts of the story that are serious in nature and Red adds in just the right amount of humor when it is needed. Red also provides a different kind of friendship for Teresa when she really needs it. He allows her to regain some of her independence and maybe even find a new purpose now that her life and career options have changed so drastically. 

So, I actually ended up with a copy of Blind Seduction, not Red Rover (The new adult version). The romance in Blind Seduction is for mature readers (18+), but the Red Rover version is strictly PG-13, and more appropriate for the "new adult" audience. Both books tell the same story, but are geared at difference reader groups. 

The version I read was definitely intense and attention catching. In some ways it was the main focus of the book, more so than Red and his abilities. Hammond does a great job of creating drama with this love triangle. Teresa has hated Sebastian most of her life. Her ideas of sex and intimacy have been affected by him when she accidentally walked in on him with a woman. There is definitely chemistry between them, but the past is not easy for either of them to forget. Complicating their relationship is Sebastian's friend, David, goes after Teresa with no apologies, and she finds she doesn't want to resist him. Most of the book focuses on the romantic side, and even after Teresa makes her choice, I was left with the feeling that future books may change that and offer up even more romantic drama. 

Make sure you pick up the right book for the right audience. The amount of sexual scenes and their level of descriptiveness in Blind Seduction makes this inappropriate for younger readers. It may not be fro every adult reader, either. Personally, I thought Hammond could have been much less descriptive and still maintained the intensity of the relationships. There was also quite a bit of profanity as well. Had I known about the concurrent version, I would have preferred to read Red Rover, but that is just my personal preference. 

Blind Seduction  (INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18) is available now from Amazon US and Amazon UK

Red Rover (NEW ADULT VERSION) is available now from Amazon US and Amazon UK

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