Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Revelations

Kendika seems to be adjusting to her new life in the "strange fishbowl world," but even though she has learned to follow the rules, that doesn't mean she is happy to let everything remain as it is. Kendika begins a careful friendship with one of the sets of eyes that watches them, testing their willingness to allow change. 

In this, the third installment of the White Swans series of short stories, Kendika is once again the main star, which I enjoyed, but troublesome Jillian hasn't been forgotten. Jillian plays a lesser role in this book, but it won't be the last we see of her. 

To me, this book felt very transitional. The first two books mainly focused on introducing the world and the two female lead characters. This book begins to test the boundaries of the world they live in and makes readers ponder the current limits and how they may change. It seemed that Bazzi was setting up the series for big changes in the next book when it came to both characters and plot. It didn't have as much of a stand alone feel as the first two, but I think Bazzi has done a good job of priming readers to want to go out and snatch up the next book as soon as it's released. 

Kendika shows a lot of growth as a character, and I enjoyed seeing her become stronger and influencing those around her. Her growing relationship with Lord Deverow progressed a bit more in this book as well. They were so tentative around each other at first, Kendika especially because she was frightened and unsure. They were becoming friends during the first two books, and now they are starting to realize that they may be able to find real happiness in this world if they are together. The romance is very clean, and for now more in the background, but I look forward to watching it continue to develop. 

Jillian showed development as well. She was a little less self centered, though the changes in her were more subtle. In the second book she came off as quite spoiled and bratty, whereas now she is becoming more devious and cunning. I am looking forward to seeing how Jillian's plans unfold. Bazzi did a great job in this book at setting the stage for future conflict between these two young women. I am eager to read the next installment. 

Revelations is available June 5th from Amazon