Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Starlight City

Black has trouble remembering his life before battling a frighteningly beautiful android intent on killing him. Bits and pieces of memories slip back through every once in a while, but staying alive and under the radar is his main objective...until a faulty ID badge begins to attract attention and he goes in search of help. His search lands him in the middle of a fight he wasn't expecting, but soon finds he can't walk away from. 

The futuristic world of Starlight City was very well planned. The details build a very complex world of humans, part humans, and robotic beings existing in a very precarious balance. Black, who is no longer entirely human, skirts around the edges of civilization. Those like him are treated as outcasts. The social structure felt quite realistic as well. I did have trouble with some of the smaller details like the money system and time system. I didn't feel like these were explained completely, so I wasn't always sure of how much time had passed or the significance of the amount of money involved. 

The main character, Black, had a very intriguing story. Parts of his memory are gone, yet he remembers bits and pieces at times and wants to find out what really happened to him. I enjoyed following his story. Griff was also an interesting character. Now trapped inside a mechanical body, he still has access to his human memories. There is some disconnect between remembered emotions and actually experiencing emotions, but he develops bonds with those around him that drive his decisions and actions. 

The overall story was intriguing. I think it has good potential as a series. The pacing was a bit slow after the initial chapter up through the middle of the book. Part of the problem with the pacing was that the timeline kept jumping back and forth, sometimes to a different character as they remembered an event that happened previously. It kept the story from progressing smoothly and broke the flow. As a whole, this was an interesting book. I had a little difficulty with the pacing and flow, but it was a fun read. 

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