Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Release: The Apostle by Dylan Hiler

The Apostle, by Dylan Hyler

New release in fantasy

The night sky adorned of two moons, Vera and Dawn, Tarthuria bathes in the silence of mystery and intrigue. One of the comets of Tiera Cylith has landed in the village of Fairwillow and has punctured the ground with an indelible prophecy. The Apostle were the words burned into the crater left after the willow tree had been destroyed. 

Through troubled times, of which Fairwillow experienced its fair share, an ancient witch by the name of Famora has cursed Sath and Elle’s family. Their first born, Raios, is condemned to be The Apostle – the one that would throw the destiny of the village into doomed days. 

Yet, Sath Eden is not to be swayed. But who is this other woman in his life? Who is Sibyl? Will she spell the final condemnation of the entire village? Sath had to vanquish the omen, dispel the augury, and destroy Famora.

Step into the world of The Apostle...

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Meet the Author

Dylan Hiler is an independent author and owner of I’m a Human Productions.  His current projects include ‘The Tarthurian Chronicles’ as well as ‘Lockland the Time Traveling Fox’.  Using his true to life experiences with poverty, addicts, friends turned family, love, loss, and illness he brings a unique element to the characters and stories he weaves.  He lives in Minnesota with his wife, two sons, and so many animals it may as well be a hobby farm.