Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Release: Fight or Flight by Chele Cooke

Chele Cooke's "Out of Orbit" series has a new release! Check out Fight or Flight today!

Fight or Flight by Chele Cooke

A single secret might change a war, but a lie can destroy those fighting it. 

Georgianna Lennox’s biggest fear has become reality: she has been sold as a slave. Caught in the middle of the brewing war between the Adveni oppressors and Belsa rebels, she is recruited to be the rebels’ eyes behind enemy lines. 

As the Belsa make bolder attacks against the cruel Adveni, Georgianna finds that the lies she is tasked to tell her owner are nothing compared to the secrets she must keep from her friends – secrets that could change the war in their favour, and lies that might destroy them all.

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And if you're new to the series ... You can get a FREE copy of book one, "Dead and Buryd" July 25th - August 8th!

A single life could liberate an entire race, but the life required may be her own. 

Georgianna Lennox has spent her life helping others. When a friend is sold into slavery, she must weigh this one life against the harsh consequences of defying the ruthless Adveni oppressors of her people. 

Putting her trust in a group of rebels, Georgianna becomes caught in a web of lies and cruelty, where the sparks of the revolution may consume them all.

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Meet the Author

Chele Cooke is an English-born writer based in London. Starting out writing fan fiction, she soon moved onto her own fiction, releasing her first novel, ‘Dead and Buryd’, in 2013, the sequel ‘Fight or Flight’ following less than a year later. 

She is currently working on The Out of Orbit series, a number of short stories, a circus based sci-fi, and a paranormal serial currently released weekly on Wattpad.

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