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Approach to Apocalypta by Rob Matchett

What people should know about the book…

Apocalypta is a novel about the future, perhaps even a novel from the future. I emphasize from because the setting of the novel is on the cusp of the 25th century and the story takes us back in time to our present 21st century. So it would seem in a sense that the story in the future is built on the past retrospective to our present time. I felt that it was important to capture to the best of my ability a realistic scenario of times to come.

Obviously, one can never know the future until it happens, but using a template of the past 400 years and its historical shocks and paradigm shifts, a fair guesstimate can be made. What is especially interesting is the sudden trajectory of technical progress within the last 30 years with the advent of global use of the internet through chip circuitry and fibre optics which apparently had their origin from alien technology according to highly placed sources that the author had researched.

A very credible source was Col. Philip Corso who was ordered to seed the reverse-engineered alien technology into the military-industrial complex 60 years ago. Corso sat on the National Security Council. Others have affirmed the veracity of his position and rank and revelations in his book The Day After Roswell. One might think this is ridiculous or delusional because there was not barely any notice taken of his story which came out in the 1990s. The media basically ignored it, because they couldn’t get any endorsement from any legitimate government agency.

Not surprising. Perhaps, the powers that be felt it couldn’t hurt the classified nature of deeply compartmentalized alien programs if a little information was released innocuously by a retired officer of the army. Or perhaps, little by little some plan had been enacted to slowly acclimatize the ignorant public about what is really going on. Anyone who knew the emphatic truth would naturally wonder why the media didn’t proclaim globally AMERICAN GOVERNMENT HAS MADE CONTACT WITH ALIENS! Well, that has yet to happen. Is there collusion in government to suppress that kind of mainstream exposure? Or is media frightened of the shocking nature of that kind of information – the most profound in the history of civilization.

My book isn’t so much about this; just that the premise of this great secret kept from the public has a karmic resolution down the ages to come. Just as we discover and unlock secrets of the past, and history is constantly being rewritten to reflect new understandings, and so in our story we unlock the secrets of our present from the future. Whistleblowers have given us a glimpse of the deep political nature of forbidden knowledge and its uses in the power structures of global supremacy and security. Moreover, the phenomenal implications of a universe replete with thousands upon thousands of ancient civilizations, some hundreds of millions of years beyond us, and others only fifty thousand or so years beyond us, at least must give us pause as to our precarious emergence as a technological upstart.

Apocalypta is really about humanity and how we must adapt eventually to the universal family. And yes, we are apparently in a relative way, seen as such for the most part in spite of various bad apples on both sides. It should be known we are feared as somewhat barbaric and do not want our participation in a larger sense until we have managed our global destructive ways into something harmonious politically, culturally and ecologically. Indeed we have a long way to go – thousands of years.

Apocalypta attempts to enlighten our darker fears and dystopian defaults. Certain characters such as Cephren, Flower Child, Jimmy Pidgeon and Heyoka are new prototypes that alight the path to harmony for the ages to come. These types exist in all times, as well as their darker opposites. This is my story for humanity’s leap into the future and integration into the galactic community, which has already begun.

Meet the Author

Rob (Robin) Matchett was born in Paris, France, in 1956 of Canadian parents, and moved to Canada at four years old. Apparently on the way, he spent hours in a porthole watching the sea, pondering existence. Now his life continues through a porthole – a regret being he didn’t remain in France a few more years. 

Though, embracing Canada he went native, steeped in the elements from where land-locked on the crest of a giant windblown hill, he commands from the bridge of a ship, foundered on springs, fields and forests. Still unreleased from the yoke of his servitude, he dabbles in the stars, unlocking secrets from history and the future. Many transfigurations have occurred, of which he has faithfully transcribed into various literary forms, including novels, poems and film scripts, and continues to do so. Among other eclectic interests, he is known to be well-read; enjoy wholesome kitchen garden culinary pursuits; calvados; has musical inclinations, and often known to be wired into the Grateful Dead. He is of a retiring nature, addicted to movies and documentaries, considered a professional obligation rather than lesser appraisals.

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More about Apocalypta

Apocalypta is a novel about a post-apocalyptic world at the cusp of the 25th century. With the discovery of a synaptic memory chip holding the memories of individuals in the past, there is an attempt to avert a return to the terrible conflagrations of the past. This chip - 'the eyes of god' - holds salvation through the truth. The main character, implanted with the chip, bids the reader to follow history back to our present time in order to understand the future. Moreover, humanity has a chance to become members of a galactic confederation, which through various species have been instrumental in our emergence from earliest times. Many unusual characters color this story, which is ultimately about the struggle for humanity to rise to a higher place in its long quest for survival.   
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