Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Author Interview: Helen Osterman

Today I'm pleased to welcome author, Helen Osterman to the blog to talk about her book, "Danger by Design."

First, a little bit about "Danger By Design." 

Helen Osterman has created the most unique amateur sleuth and mystery plot to date. Follow this probing Italian-American superstitious widow, Net Petrone, on an exhilarating caper of fraud and murder. You’ll love the journey, characters, and exhilarating climax.

1.     What inspired you to begin writing? 
I always had a vivid imagination. As a child I made up stories in my head. During my nursing career, I wrote for nursing and medical journals. So, when I retired, I began writing novels.

2.     Would you classify your writing more as plot driven or character driven? 

I would say character driven. Although a good plot had to go along with a memorable character.

3.     Can you tell us a little about your main character?

My series character is Emma Winberry. She’s in her sixties, has a sixth sense, and talks to her Guardian Angel. She lives in a posh condo on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive with her significant other, Nate Sandler. They are both supernumeraries (extras) in the opera.

4.     Without giving away too much, tell us a little about the main conflict in this book. 

Delia Armanetti, a member of the chorus in the opera and a friend of Emma’s, suffers a stroke, leaving her paralyzed on the right side and unable to speak intelligibly. Her daughter-in-law, June, resents the fact that she may have to help care for Delia.
June has a hidden agenda and Emma steps in to help her friend, putting herself in danger.

5.     What do you hope readers take away from your book? 

I try to teach my readers something in every book I write. My nursing background always sneaks in. In this book, readers should learn the difference in the behavior of people with right sided strokes verses those with left sided strokes. They have to be handled very differently.

6.     Now for a few fun questions! What song best describes your writing style?

Nessun Dorma, from Puccini’s Touradot. It means no one sleeps.

7.     Night Owl or Early Bird?

 Definitely an early bird. My brain shuts down about eight PM.

8.     Skittle or M&Ms?

9.     Who are your favorite authors?
I love Mitchner’s works. Have read them all more than once. I have no real favorites., but Agatha Christie is one.

10.  Can you tell us about your future projects? 
I am ending the Emma Winberry series with six books. Number six is titled Rogue Wave.

It takes place on a sailboat in the Caribbean where Emma gets involved with Venezuelan drug lords. It’s really a mystery/adventure.

I also have two books about a different character, a superstitious Italian woman. The first book involves an organization scamming the elderly. It’s titled Danger by Design and was published in September, 2014.

Author Links: www.helenosterman.com

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