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Review: The Rabbit and The Raven (Melissa Eskue Ousley)

Abigail Brown used to think her life was ordinary. That was before hidden abilities began to surface and she found herself smack dab in the middle of a war. Not only is this war threatening to take away everything she holds dear, it's pulled her out of her own world and into a world filled with evil creatures and men alike, one in particular whose brash honesty makes him strangely difficult to resist. Abby must find a way to protect those she loves and escape the pull toward the one man who could either give her everything or take it all away.

The Rabbit and The Raven is the second book in The Solas Beir Trilogy, and if you have read book one, Sign of the Throne, you should go get it right away. I loved the first book, and I was thrilled when I got the chance to read an advance copy of book two.

There is always some fear when picking up a second book that it won't live up to the first book. Readers have nothing to fear when it comes to this series. Not only are the original characters as fascinating and deep as the were in the first book, we get to meet a few new characters that do their best to steal readers' attention.

Abigail journey goes from her own world to to David's in order to help him hold onto his kingdom and face down those who are trying to take it away from him. Abby really takes center stage in this book, more so even than in the first book. Her inner struggle to not only figure out her role and talents, but to understand the story behind the war will draw readers into the book to the point that they can't put it down.

Tynan Tierney is the other half of the compulsion for readers to finish this book in one sitting. He's a bad guy. There's no denying that he has done terrible things and willingly admits to them. He has a goal and nothing will stop him from reaching it. That is part of the reason it's so hard not to like him at least a little. That was true for me and Abby. Even though I know I probably shouldn't like him at all, I love the sections where Teirney made an appearance. He's one of those villains you love to hate. Between Abby and Teirney, this book will pull you from one page to the next relentlessly. And then you'll be begging for book three.

The overall storyline was just as much of a draw as the characters were. Abby and David's travel over the kingdom to enlist the help of the oracles will not only introduce you to a beautifully crafted world filled with danger and amazing creatures, you get to know the depth of how damaged this world is thanks to the wars it has suffered through. I was so engaged in the story through every chapter that I had a hard time taking a break. The pacing was very well managed and there was a great balance of action and exposition. You'll truly come to be a part of this world and care about what happens to it and its people.

I really don't have any criticisms for this book. Ousley did a wonderful job of following up an already fabulous first book with The Rabbit and The Raven. I will be waiting eagerly for the next installment.

I know you can't wait to go get your copy now! Here's where you can find more of Abigail and Tierney: 

Meet the Author

Melissa Eskue Ousley lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with her family and their Kelpie, Gryphon. When she’s not writing, Melissa can be found hiking, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, or walking along the beach, poking dead things with a stick.

Before she became a writer, she had a number of educational jobs, ranging from a summer spent scraping road kill off a molten desert highway, to years spent conducting research with an amazing team of educators at the University of Arizona. Her interests in psychology, culture, and mythology have influenced her writing of The Solas Beir Trilogy.

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  3. These are great books! I'm happily editing the third one as we speak!