Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Guest Post: Patsy Thompson

Today I'm pleased to welcome Patsy Thompson to the blog to talk about her new book and her writing journey!

A little about the book

"My Sojourn in Paradise: A Memoir is Patsy Thompson’s story of growing up on the island of Jamaica, and being guided by a power greater than herself. Painting evocative pictures of the island with her words, Thompson draws the reader into an inner circle that is a slice-of-life slide show about growing up in Jamaica in the 1960s and 1970s. Set against a backdrop of current events, island life comes alive, from school, church and extended family, to influential mentors, marriage, children, and a series of successful businesses.

Woven throughout this life story is the abiding presence of God and angels guiding and protecting her. Thompson learns to listen to God’s voice leading her not only to safety from danger, but to success in several remarkable business ventures as varied as a chain of medical laboratories, beekeeping, a prestigious local academy, and jewelry making. Her story is peppered with meaningful Bible quotes that support important events in her life, and impress upon the reader that reliance on higher powers can indeed sustain one. Although her life has its share of heartbreak, Thompson perseveres through faith and intuition. Sojourn draws you into her story in a way that will leave you admiring her pluck and contemplating how to bring her mastery of faith into your own life." - Barbara Lauger

Guest Post

My book journey

 Around three years ago, I had the vision of putting my life’s experiences on paper. At first, the aim was to leave a trail for my children and grand-children. I hope they would get a glimpse of what life was like before the age of widespread technology like when we played with carefree abandon on the red dirtied primary school yard. I wanted my memoir to cause the reader to laugh at silly happenings peculiar to the period. I also wanted to include the people, the history and the geography.  By reading this memoir, the senses become alive to the smells, taste, feel and visual of a tranquil paradise,  At the same the reader becomes mindful of the triumphs and tragedies which  like everywhere else was a part of life.

 Throughout my childhood I suffered often experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions as an offspring of a father who was an alcoholic, I thought, maybe, this could help someone who might be going through a similar situation. I wanted to write about the great and exciting events such as the bittersweet memories of celebrating the birth of a new nation, our independence day while encumbered by wearing shoes too tight for my feet.   Purposefully I mentioned   mentors, family members and  lasting friendships that impacted my growth over the years. 

 My faith and belief in God permeates my memoir as the constant which served to weather the most difficult situations.  I chose to speak about events and people who contributed to my success. I also included those whose negativity brought about positive life changing episodes. For example, the comment “ She has no ability,” written by my third form high school teacher,  which served as a catalyst  to improve my position as a student.  I omitted those events which would serve no purpose but to shame or in no way furthered a cause.

Available now on:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/My-Sojourn-Paradise-Patsy-Thompson/dp/1503309991

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