Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More about Loretta Proctor

Writing is Soul Substance - that is how Loretta Proctor views writing. Keep reading to find out more about her outlook, and the experiences that have shaped it. 

"Writing is for me a process of self-exploration.  That’s why I say it is soul substance.  From an early age I was bathed in experiences that arose from a deep, delightful inner source, a pagan, cthonic layer of being that was connected with the woods, the trees, the waters and the land which to my innocent, uncluttered childhood imagination were inhabited by gods, nymphs, dryads and other beings.  In adult life, I studied the works of Jung, Goethe, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, The Geeta and all those poets and writers who expressed their ideas and experiences of the soul. It’s been said that the journey is more important than the goal.  This inner journey into the labyrinthine parts of the psyche is often terrifying and dangerous.  But it is also filled with laughter, beauty and meetings with extraordinary people." 

Loretta was born in Cairo, and later moved to Britain. How she ended up there is a fascinating story (the story of her parents "ill-fated" romance), which you can read about on her website. Also on Loretta's website you'll find out more about her books and articles. So hop on over to http://www.lorettaproctor.co.uk/# and get to know Loretta Proctor. 

For "art, music, books and all things creative and beautiful" check out Loretta's blog at http://booksandotherthings.blogspot.com/

Come back tomorrow for an interview with Loretta about her novel Middle Watch and her upcoming projects.