Thursday, February 21, 2013

Favorites: The Cross and the Dragon

Aside from the beautiful cover art for this book, one of the aspects I enjoyed about The Cross and the Dragon was the depth of background put into this book. I was very impressed with the realistic setting Rendfeld created for her characters. 

Even though I am hardly an expert on 8th century France, it was clear that a considerable amount of research went into this book. The characters and their reactions stayed consistent throughout the book, and were backed up by the world Rendfeld had introduced readers to. Many of the choices the characters made seemed quite strange, but I believed they were choices a person of that time would truly make. 

I loved getting this look into the daily lives of people from so long ago and understanding better what life as like when power and education were limited to only a few at the highest level of society. 

The Cross and the Dragon is available from from Kindle on Amazon USAmazon UK, paperback (USand Canada), B&NKobo, and Indigo.