Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Lie to Me

Phoebe Matlin has accepted that her promised gift to be a Truthteller is never going to materialized. Deep down, that realization has left her a little jealous at times, but she figures she's probably better off. She realizes how true that may be when everything changes. Suddenly, her gift starts working, telling her that her best friend is lying about something important. Figuring out what to with her gift, and her best friend, proves both difficult and dangerous. 

The overall idea for this series holds appeal for a wide variety of readers. The gifts each girl possesses will draw in paranormal and urban fantasy readers, while the dramatic elements will entice readers who might not normally stray from strictly "real" fiction. There is just enough of a fantasy element to make these young ladies special without delving too deeply into the paranormal. Even with the gifts and the problems they cause, this is a story about a young woman who is struggling to figure out what she wants and who she wants to become. 

The Matlin sisters are fabulous characters. Each one is quite unique and adds a new layer to the story. In Lie to Me, readers get to know Phoebe as the main character, but both of her sisters play an important role in her story. They both offer advice and support, but her relationships with them have helped form who Phoebe is. The interactions of the sisters in this book will leave readers eager to continue the series in order to get to know more about Phoebe's sisters and the personal battles they are facing. 

The rich characters in this book don't stop at the Matlin sisters. Every characters has a well developed background and true emotional depth. Phoebe's best friend Tonya makes choices the reader may not like or understand, but if she behaved any different she wouldn't have seemed as real. Nathan is a young man who thinks he knows what he wants, but doesn't necessarily know how to get it or what to do when his expectations are realized in the way he hoped. Even the more secondary characters have a memorable effect on the story. Fristoe did a wonderful job creating a strong, well rounded, and entertaining cast of characters. 

Another strong element of this book is the emotional depth. The characters don't simple move through the scenes. They feel every moment. Phoebe is a young woman facing some serious conflicts that in many ways she has no idea how to deal with. There were times when she reacted in ways I didn't want her to, when I wished I could shake her until she found some common sense, but if she handled every situation like a pro ... well, where's the fun in that? And where's the reality? People makes mistakes and overreact every day. Fristoe's characters are no different, and her ability to truly bring them alive will have readers glued to the page. 

Readers who enjoyed this book as much as I did will be eager to read the next book in the series. Luckily they wont have to wait too long. "Heal Me," book two of "A Touched Trilogy" is planned for release in Spring of 2013. 

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. Fristoe will capture readers once again with this compelling story of one sister's struggle to figure out who she is and use her talent to save her best friend.

Who would I recommend this book to? This definitely qualifies as a crossover novel. Teens and adults alike will enjoy this. Those readers looking for a good drama or romance will be glad they picked this up. Also, this book will appeal to paranormal/fantasy readers and those who've never given the genre a try. 

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