Thursday, February 7, 2013

Favorites: Six Degrees of Lost

Not everyone is an animal lover, but you don't need to be in order to enjoy  Six Degrees of Lost. One of the aspects I enjoyed in this book was Benson's ability to blend animals and people so seamlessly. This book doesn't focus solely around the animals, but it does show how important they are to the characters' lives. 

The animals provide just what the characters need at various times during the story. When Olive is struggling to make friends, the yellow lab, and later the puppies, provide companionship and friendship. Finding the dog's owner not only distracts Olive and David from other problems, it unites them in a common cause. Olive even finds purpose in helping the shelter animals each day. The animals and their influence on the characters add depth and warmth to the story. 

Six Degrees of Lost is available now from AmazonB&N, and Musa Publishing