Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book Tour: Forbidden Angel

Welcome to the "Forbidden Angel" Book Tour!

Check out the blurb, then keep reading for a Guest post by author, Megan Martin!

"When captured by the Nazi's, Sarah finds herself in a concentration camp that not only brings her closer to death...but closer to love.

Sarah Brenner, a young Jewish woman, is terrified when she finds herself in the heat of a railcar bound for a work camp in Nazi Germany. For years she, along with her mother and sister, had hidden from the SS, but no one could hide forever. Her hatred for those who have enslaved them is ever-growing, especially when they arrive and she encounters the shockingly handsome Nazi doctor who can’t seem to keep his eyes—or hands—off her.

Aurel Rothstein is not your everyday concentration camp physician. The endless prisoners and lack of care he's allowed to give have made him numb to the work he so coveted. It isn’t until he comes face to face with a beautiful prisoner that his heart becomes involved with his job—a forbidden and fatal move to any Nazi.

When a vile soldier takes direct interest in Sarah, she will be forced to make a choice that will change her life forever: ignore the pull toward the handsome doctor or give in to the forbidden passion he awakens with only a look. Either way they both risk everything..." 

Find out More about why Megan chose to right "Forbidden Angel" below from her Guest Post!

Why write about the Holocaust? (Megan Martin)
Since Forbidden Angel was published I have been asked this question frequently. The more I’ve been asked, the more I decided it deserved a post on its own.
Writing a romance set in a very controversial time in history wasn’t something that I have always planned to do by any means. It was just something that came up. My mom has always been really interested in the Holocaust, and was often found with books on the time period. It was partly her interest in the subject and my own learnings in college that brought up the idea. I’ve always been a fan of forbidden love. People who have to overcome great barriers to be with one another—and what greater barrier than a Nazi doctor and a Jewish woman? The idea of this story really inspired me to think outside of my box (which is my absolute favorite thing to do). I started considering all of the obstacles the characters would have to face as a couple, and just as one would emerge, so would another and another and before I knew it, I had a whole story plotted full of romance and heartache that most people would label as controversial, but real at the same time. The characters in Forbidden Angel are completely fictional, but I don’t doubt that many similar situations arose.
With that being said, I hope you will check out Forbidden Angel! Thanks for stopping by!

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Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks. To learn more about Megan, check her out on these social networking sites.