Monday, September 10, 2012

New Book: A Life Worth Living

This week is another first for The Edible Bookshelf. The featured book this week, A Life Worth Living, is the first dramatic romance I have had the pleasure to featured. No vampires, no ghost or magic, just two people trying to endure difficult times in their lives and put themselves back together. 

"A Surefire Way to Jinx Your Future... is to perfectly map it out and then expect your journey to go as planned. Twenty-six year old home builder, Matthew Huntz, is on his way to making his dreams a reality: gorgeous fiance, perfect job, and the house he's always wanted. Until the accident. Paralyzed from the chest down, with his life's GPS offline, Matt is forced to recalculate his path in life." 

A Life Worth Living is available now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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