Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Labor Day Book Fair is Live!

Melynda's Labor Day Book Fair is now live. Thanks to Wayman Publishing, you can download their top ten novels free today through the 5th. Click on the links below to start downloading free books. 

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FREE books from Wayman Publishing!

Excelsior (Geore Sirois)

Put down the pen. Pick up the sword. Unleash the hero within.

Matthew spent years creating the ultimate comic hero. He never dreamed the true hero would be within himself.

More Nonsense (Melynda Fleury)

A hilarious anthology from a very witty writer.

The Sashbuckle Chuckle (Pat Hatt, Caleb Wallace)

Join One Shoe Kangaroo as he tracks down the evil Captain Frown Clown and his crew. They have stolen the magic from his town. Will One Shoe Kangaroo be able to track Captain Frown Clown down?

Just Nonsense (Meylnda Fluery)

Whimsical blog posts from a very witty writer. 

From Mr. P (a wild little boy who loves animals) to Meaghan (a driving teenager) and Kyle (a young man who wants to visit Italy), Melynda's year starts with a bang. 
Phil, her husband, is a riotous addition, but Melynda herself is the one who keeps the laughs coming. 

Twelve Habits of Highly Successful Cats and their Humans (Dulcy and Dee Ready)

Do you yearn for joy? Do you dream of a welcoming lap and gentle words? Do you wish to know the deep delight of a life filled with tangy tuna and abiding love? Then follow my twelve habits for highly effective cats and their humans.

Middle Damned (Shane Stilson)

Life after death proved much different than what the Stillwater family expected. Two go into the light, another into darkness, while Blake Stillwater fights for survival somewhere between, in the Realm of the Middle Damned. He will receive gifts from the members of his family he unwittingly killed, but even as those who love the light will be just, the Forces of Evil groom the one now dwelling in darkness to ruin it all. Caught in a crosswind between the dimensions of life and death, a new thought distracts Blake when he can least afford it. Is what he works toward real or is he lost in a coma-induced dream? In an attempt to get back to those of his family who survived, Blake will be willing to risk it all, and the rest be damned.

Open Doors (Carrie Seymore, et al) 

An enticing collection of fantasy stories from previously published, as well as, debut authors.

Including stories by contest-winning authors: Joshua Carstens, Melynda Fleury, Pat Hatt, Carrie Seymour and Leetah East.

Additional stories by: Janie Goltz, Susan Kane, Siv Maria Ottem, Dee Ready, EC Stilson, Shane Stilson, and Shannon Williams

The Sword of Senack (EC Stilson)

Aliya Fisher knows nothing about her true heritage until a vindictive sorceress kidnaps her brother and sister. The young adventurer must take up her birthright, battle strange creatures, and find the Sword of Senack if she hopes to best the witch. But even if Aliya finds the famed weapon and survives the perilous oceanic journey, the enchantress is far more than she appears. How does one defeat an immortal who lusts for revenge?

The Golden Sky (EC Stilson)

The night I met Cade I never would’ve thought that two years later, after we were homeless street musicians in Hawaii, we would have a little girl and another baby on the way. Our son was born with the type of birth defects that make televangelists cringe. As his health waned, my own breath evaded me, like I was the one who needed the ventilator—the life support. The “death home” gave him a really nice funeral, the kind I’d never wished to attend. When they tried closing his casket, I nearly fell on my face, not wanting them to shut the lid on my baby. 

We lost it after that, totally cemented in our grief. Cade got into drugs, joined a rock and roll band, and even grew out his damn hair. At the time, I was sick of “the oatmeal option” (the only food we had), so I kicked Cade out of the house, and started modeling and working as a diesel mechanic. That was how I met Earl, an old man and unlikely best friend; the “big sag,” a middle aged woman who still flashed folks, and "The Cowboy" a man who fell in love with me. 

It was slow at first, but Cade reverted to the man I’d busked with years before. It wasn’t until I killed a rogue skunk, and my daughter nearly choked on a fry, that I gave my husband another chance. But could our marriage recover from the death of our son?

The book practically cried for me to spare its life, and for a moment I thought I'd rather burn in Hell than lose something my brother had given me in love. The pastor nudged me, though, and my heart turned to ice.
I thought of all those hours my brother had read to me. I thought of all that time he'd invested.
I couldn't throw it into the fire; not the last book of the trilogy. That funny little dwarf stared at me from the cover. Then, I closed my eyes. I stepped so close to the flames they almost ate my skin. I tore the book in front of those kids. I put on quite a show throwing in a section at a time because I couldn't stand sending the whole thing in at once. When the last pages went up in flame, and the dwarf on the cover curled with death, I dropped to my knees and cried. The kids all hooted and screamed in ecstasy, thinking I'd been freed, when the ropes of religion had just twisted tighter.

Surrounded by hypocrites, Elisa's foundation starts crumbling. She doesn't know who to turn to. That's when she meets a mysterious man. But maybe she shouldn't trust him.
Will he help her, or make things even worse than they were before?

~These books are aviailable for FREEon Amazon 9/2-9/5~

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