Monday, July 30, 2012

New Book: Bogey Nights

This week, we're heading back in time to the not so distant past. Marja MrGraw's Bogey Nights is set in present day, but the mystery dates back to the 1940s. Completing the trip back in time is a 40's themed restaurant, old-time celebrity lookalike waitresses, and a main character that has everyone staring at his Humphrey Bogart looks and mannerisms. 

"Chris and Pamela Cross own a restaurant, which burns to the ground. They buy a 1920s vintage brick house with a large front porch to renovate and turn into the new restaurant, called Bogey Nights.  While renovations are ongoing, their two yellow Labs (Sherlock and Watson, male and female respectively) become too interested in something in the basement. Turns out there’s a body buried there, dating back to 1942.

Homicide Detective Janet Riley handles the case and in the process she becomes friends of Chris and Pamela. She doesn’t want them interfering, and yet she can use their help. The economy has taken its toll, and staffing is down.

At the request of family members of the deceased, Chris and Pamela begin to investigate the man’s death. When he lived in the house, it was a boarding house. Some of the boarders are found, some have died, and the owner, Chance Murphy, is still around. Alice Frye (a boarder) turns into an enigma and a suspect, but they can’t find her. The men who lived in the house look pretty good as suspects, too.

From a nosey young reporter to a seven-year-old son who wants in on the action, and elderly suspects, Chris and Pamela have their hands full while they search for a killer. Remember, seniors can be just as deadly as anyone else.

Bogey Nights is available now from Amazon in Paperback and Ebook, Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise, and Books-A-Million