Monday, July 9, 2012

New Book: Vivaldi's Muse

Get lost this week in the beauty of Vivaldi's music and the ache of a love that can never be. We've all heard the brilliant music of Atonio Vivaldi's operas, but how many of us know the story behind his musical genius and the muse, Annina, that inspired his work? Open up Vivaldi's Muse and get captured by the music and the Red Haired Priest's Aninna. 

"Vivaldi's Muse explores the life of Annina Girò, Antonio Vivaldi's longtime protégée. Annina first falls under the spell of the fiery and intriguing prete rosso (red-haired priest) at a young age, when Vivaldi is resident composer at the court of Mantua, her hometown. Stifled by the problems of her dysfunctional family, she has long dreamed of pursuing operatic stardom, and her attraction to the enchanting Venetian maestro soon becomes inseparable from that dream." 

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