Thursday, August 9, 2012

Favorites from: The Awakening

I've said before that I think a good romance can make just about any book better. I wouldn't say I'm a romance reader - I don't do full out romance or erotica at all - but a good romance brings a lot of emotion to a story and helps readers connect with characters. Who hasn't either been in love, wanted to be in love, or had heir heart broken? 

Apryl Baker pulls out all three in The Awakening. The main character, Alex, is put through the emotional ringer in this book. Not only does Alex meet Devon and desperately want to make a real connection with him despite his general annoyingness, but she does fall in love...however, not exactly with the results she was expecting. Add to that a crushing heartbreak that will leave readers reeling, and you have a fantastic romance that pulls every other aspect of the storyline together. 

You can get your copy of The Awakening from Amazon KindleSmashwordsBarnes and Noble, iBooks, and most major ebook retailers. Check out The Awakening book trailer as well. 

Baker's "The Promise" is also available from Amazon and B&N, and you can also view the book trailer here