Monday, August 20, 2012

New Book: Blurry

Step away from fantasy, paranormal, and vampires this week with a book about a young woman who's perfect life is turned upside down with the death of a friend. Small town life suddenly doesn't seem so simple anymore when secrets start being revealed. 

"What happens when Little Miss Perfect's life is turned upside down? Rachel Shull is about to find out. A year ago she broke up with her boyfriend, Danny, over suspicions that he was hiding something from her. 

Now Rachel's life is full of accomplishment, achievement, friends, and even a boyfriend. It all seems perfect, until a childhood friend dies in a tragic accident. When it's discovered that Danny had a heated argument with Kirsten shortly before her death, suspicions about his double life resurface. 

As the case unfolds and tragedy strikes people close to Rachel, she discovers that Danny isn't the only one with dangerous secrets. Life in the small town of Woodland, South Carolina becomes blurry with lies and deceit, and Rachel finds herself questioning everybody; even her new boyfriend." 

You can get your copy of Blurry from Wings Epress, Amazon US, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon UK