Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorites: The Royal Assassin

Like Shireen, I find shadows both a little scary and fascinating at the same time. I think a lot of people feel that way about shadows. One of the most interesting aspects of The Royal Assassin was the way shadows were brought to life within the story. 

Shadows are not simply an absence of light in this story. They are alive, in a way, and an integral part of the world the characters live in. Reis is able to travel through shadows, stepping from on to another even though the may be quite a ways apart. I liked the idea that while the shadows were individual, they were also all connected.

It gave the impression that the world was constantly being watched by these shadows. Again, it was an idea that was slightly disturbing, yet also reassuring in some ways. The characters were never truly alone. At times, the shadows were even able to help and protect Shadowen. It was an interesting concept that added to the overall story. 

Read on to find out more about the next book in the Shadows of Myst Series ~ The Royal Seer

Scious the Royal Seer from the Royal House of Darkness and Shadow is not only the most celebrated Seer to date he is also the longest standing one. His visions are powerful and so is his magic. Yet such power comes secrets and with secrets come vulnerability. This keeps Scious on guard and prepared at all times. However nothing will prepare him for his encounter with a strong willed Nightelf by the name of Vestrial. He could see everything except her. Her future eludes him, which only intrigues him. He wants her for his lover but he settles for her as his seamstress.

Vestrial born part Nightelf and Mystic is truly gifted with her magic, yet she has no idea how gifted her talents are. She has no idea when she makes an errand for the Mystic Oracle that her life is about to suddenly change. That the Royal Seer, a single man, a Mystic, will introduce her to magic like she's never known before. There's something about the Royal Seer that touches her heart and her soul.

Although relationships between Mystics and Nightelves are forbidden there is something about Vestrial that he cannot let go of. There is something so pure and untouched inside her that never ceases to amaze and astound him. It's not until he's thrust into a vision he will never escape from that he fully understands why.

Myst's future lies in the balance and the Royal Seer has seen the outcome of two possibilities. He knows his actions will decide the future of not only Vestrial but of all of Myst. He prays he chooses wisely.

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