Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Introducing: Shireen Nemnich

This week's featured author is Shireen Nimnich. Shireen writes young adult fantasy, and is here this week to talk about her series, Shadows of Myst. But, before we learn more about how this series came to be, let's get to know Shireen a little better. 

"Shireen Nemnich born 1964 in Kansas. She presently calls the picturesque Williamsburg, Virginia her home, which she shares with her teenage daughter and two cats. She's been a nurse working with geriatrics since 1992. She is a retired "wizard" for the internet mud game, Genesis the original Lpmud, which she still plays and interacts on when time permits.

Shireen's writing genres - Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance and Science Fiction.
Favorite fictional authors - Christine Feehan and Lisa Kleypas.
Favorite non-fictional authors - Dr. Wayne Dyer, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Abraham-Hicks.

One of her favorite sayings - Life is what we make it... so I'm making mine with chocolate!

February 2011 she released her first novel The Royal Assassin from the series, Shadows of Myst, which takes place in the fictional realm Valantis. She is working diligently on releasing several other books in the Shadows of Myst series along with working on her vampire series, which is to be announced at a later date." 

More about Shadows of Myst

Shadows of Myst is a series dedicated to Mystics and Nightelves who live within the confines of the magical land that the Goddess Mysteria of Shadows created with her consort Darkness. Each story takes you deeper into this rich and mysterious land of Myst that only a Mystic and Nightelf can truly understand.

Mystics must wear veils to protect the innocent of their bewitching eyes. It is said however to look into the eyes of perfection is what truly bewitches. But Mystics long have known it is their shadows that one succumbs to. One must be strong in magic to not feel the call of the shadows.

Nightelves born with the magic of darkness lived upon the surface but a war long since forgotten by many brought them to live under the surface to serve Mystics. A servitude that some despise and some who have had the memory of war stamped in their soul are grateful to serve.

Corruption has long since been infiltrating Myst. Will the two races that are bound together by more than Myst and magic survive this insidious parasite? When the final blade is drawn and the final spell cast will there be anything left? Will it even matter? Only the shadows of Myst know.

You can connect with Shireen on: Twitter, Facebook, The Royal Assassin on Facebook, and her Website

The Royal Assassin is available now from Amazon.

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