Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Introducing: Denise Weeks

Get to know a little more about Denise Weeks. 

"Denise Weeks is a lifelong writer who has finally come into her own as a published novelist.  She graduated from Southern Methodist University many years after Laura Bush did, earning bachelor's degrees in mathematics and computer science (including minors in English and music) and a teaching certificate in secondary school mathematics.  For years she worked as a software engineer, but the bosses don't miss her much, partly because they always suspected she planned to put them into her next book.  She is also a somewhat accomplished amateur pianist and an avid trivia player.  Her mystery/suspense novels are out from Oak Tree Press, while her YA fantasy/dark fantasy novels are published under the name Shalanna Collins.  

Denise Weeks has been storytelling since she could hold a crayon. Like many homegrown Texas humorists, she is not funny.  Novelist, pianist, belly dancer, baton twirler (but no fire batons ever again, by order of the Renner, Texas, Volunteer Fire Brigade), and amateur radio operator, she has placed in the Robert Benchley Essay contest several years in a row.

Denise has worked as a software engineer, Dairy Queen soft-serve cone maker (she perfected that little twirl on the top of the dipped cone), and math tutor.  Oak Tree Press publishes her mystery/suspense fiction, while you can find her YA fantasy/dark fantasy published under the name Shalanna Collins.  She and her husband live happily in a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas, with their two beloved pets: a yappy Pomeranian and Denise's elderly mother.

Visit her blogs at shalanna.livejournal.com and deniseweeks.blogspot.com (and be sure to leave a comment!)

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