Monday, December 10, 2012

New Book: Who's Got the Money?

Following up last weeks mystery adventure, this week we're welcoming Morgan St. James and Meredith Holland to The Edible Bookshelf to talk about their new comical crime caper, Who's Got the Money? 

"With $800 Million worth of products produced in federal prisons every year, division director Abby Hamilton had a diabolical scheme to become a very wealthy woman. In fact, she had almost reached her $35 million goal when she made the mistake of hiring three savvy women who blew the lid off Pandora’s box. Despite comical backfires, Jennifer, Kate and Cameron were determined to find out what happened to missing bonus money and managed to pull off an intensive amateur undercover investigation. What they discovered was shocking evidence of something so much bigger—Abby’s clever multimillion dollar embezzlement plot." 

Who's Got the Money? is available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle,  as well as from Barnes and Noble