Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Book Blast Event: Drama

Welcome to the Winter Book Blast Event! 
Today's feature includes great new Drama books that will pull you into the characters' struggles and keep you turning page after page. Tomorrow I'll have a selection of Crime novels that will keep readers guessing to the end. Check back everyday through December 23rd to meet a variety of fabulous indie authors and their books! And don't forget to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway at the bottom of the post and visit the other participating blogs for more free book giveaways!

 Mind of a Madman Series by Valerie Bowen

Caleb Talbot sent to prison for a crime he felt was justified, grew tired of living like a rat in a cage and devised a plan of escape. Unbeknownst to the prison rat, Caleb enlists his aid and puts his plan in motion. Cliff starts a rumor concerning the two vicious prison gangs. Caleb’s plan is born; a riot leads to an all-out war. Caleb’s escape marks the beginning of his path of heinous murders. Freedom is the only thing that feeds Caleb’s sick mind. He will do anything to maintain it, even if it means taking the life of innocent people.
The man that was assumed to have perished in the riot has been declared an escapee. Special Officer Michael Quincy and his canine partner are dispatched to return the inmate back to the facility from which he’d fled.
As Caleb’s disease goes untreated, he balances on the edge of sanity. Blood is shed in the most heinous ways imaginable. Murder becomes a way of life as the once sane man slowly transforms into the madman.
Can Michael and his canine partner put an end to the bloodshed, or will they be one of his victims?
See through the eyes of a madman, while you witness the inmate’s transformation. Follow in his wake as law enforcement tries to stop the madness before Caleb bridges the gap between sanity to madness.
Caleb Talbot discovered law enforcement was on his tail, and quickly devises a plan to retain his freedom. The kidnapping of a woman is the beginning of Caleb’s heartless murder spree.
Michael soon realizes the man he had been hired to capture, has a disturbing past lined with brutality and bloodshed. He also knows Talbot has little regard for human life.
Can Michael and his canine partner Sasha bring the madman to justice? Or will they be just another name on Caleb’s ever growing list of heinous murder victims?

The Mind of a Madmen series is available now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

 In Polyester Pajamas by Catherine Dougherty

When women talk, they talk about EVERYTHING . . . 

Jean and Rosie, opposites in every way, are dealing with different aspects of their lives when they find themselves working side-by-side in the same real estate company. Despite reluctance, they also find themselves teaming up for some new mid-life adventures filled with excitement, romance and plenty of drama. 

As they become better acquainted, a friendship begins to form. They laugh, cry, and even fight together. Until finally, during a slumber party and while sporting polyester pajamas, they entrust their lives completely to each other and share their deepest, darkest secrets. 

Through it all, they discover how truly wonderful having a best friend, at any age, can be. If you’ve ever had or needed a best friend, have wondered what life was all about, have been ashamed of something you’ve done in the past, or if you’ve ever lost someone you loved with all of your heart, then you MUST read this book! 

Praise for in Polyester Pajamas: 

“In Polyester Pajamas is at once gutsy, poignant, tear-inducing, and wickedly funny. I recommend this book to anyone who has experienced love, loss, heartbreak, happiness, and new beginnings. In short, In Polyester Pajamas is for everyone. It’s a brave, ballsy, brightly colored novel by a brave, ballsy, brightly colorful writer. Bravo, Catherine Dougherty.” —Jennifer Niven, author of Velva Jean Learns to Drive, Velva Jean Learns to Fly, and Becoming Clementine

In Polyester Pajamas in available now from Amazon, Kindle, B&N, an Smashwords. 

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