Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter Book Blast Event: Action Adventure

Welcome to the Winter Book Blast Event! 
Today's feature includes great new Action and Adventure books that will keep you turning page after page. Tomorrow I'll have a selection of dramas that will pull readers into the characters' struggles. Check back everyday through December 23rd to meet a variety of fabulous indie authors and their books! And don't forget to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway at the bottom of the post and visit the other participating blogs for more free book giveaways!

Anywhere but Here (Sherri Fulmer Moorer)

Meet Jana Lanning: A recent college graduate who can't seem to get a grip on life. All of her plans for the future have fallen apart within two weeks of graduation. The only comfort she finds is in a mysterious music box sent to her by a friend. At first she looks to it for comforting memories of her past, but soon she's having strange dreams of a life where she's the queen of a world where everything she desires comes to pass. It seems ideal until elements of reality and her dream world start to merge, leaving her ill and confused. When she's confronted by attacks in both worlds, she must face her demons and choose which reality she prefers; and what price she'll pay to keep it.

Available now from Amazon, B&N, and Whiskey Press

They're So Vein (Susan Stec)
Susan is 58-years-old and bored with life. Middle age is a daily drudge of sagging body parts and aches and pains. Her fervent prayer that she could somehow recapture her youth comes true one night during a chance encounter with a child-like vampire.
As soon as the other women in her family see the transformation they waste no time in sticking their necks out, hoping Susan will share this new-found fountain of youth.
Suddenly, this newly born group of hot-bodied vamps find themselves thrust into a world controlled by an ancient order of vampires. A world with rules, all of which the ladies pretty much break within hours of becoming immortals. And the little matter of the accidental epidemic of vamped out wildlife isn't exactly endearing them to the powers that be, either.
They're So Vein is a hilarious and irreverent new twist on the paranormal/vampire romance genre.
Gator Baitin' (Susan Stec)
Susan's budding romance is taking a back seat in book 2 of THE GRATEFUL UNDEAD series, and her sexy immortal lover, Marcus, is having none of it.
GATOR BAITIN' begins as the team is dispatched to destroy a vamp-gator wreaking havoc at Gatorland in Orlando, only to get sidetracked by a serial killer investigation, a vamp-bull at a rodeo in Kissimmee, and a colorful demon named Rafael. Between bronco busting, dragon riding, Jesus-freak chasing, gator hunting, demon summoning and dead bodies popping up everywhere, Susan's finding it hard to fit in a little romp time.

Blood, Sweat and Demon Tears (Susan Stec)
Susan's sister is in one hell of a mess (literally); confined to servitude with the demon, Rafael.
When Rafael gifts JoAnn with an Earth-to-Abyss cellphone so she can communicate with her sister, Susan soon finds out that JoAnn has gone from servitude to concubine, and no longer wishes to come home.
 Big problem, JoAnn really loves her new cell phone, and the frequent calls--time really moves like Hell in the Abyss--are driving Marcus and Susan batty!
In their attempt to retrieve JoAnn, THE GRATEFUL UNDEAD team ultimately finds themselves knee-deep in vamp critters, demons, rogues, and a host of new and colorful characters, when the mission takes them from their home in Florida to the streets of New Orleans.

Susan Stec's The Grateful Undead Series is available now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

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