Thursday, October 25, 2012

Favorites: The Officer's Code

In any book centered around a romantic relationship, the beginning, the initial meeting, is important. It should make an impact and convince the readers that this relationship is worth caring and reading about. 

Given that Eric von Schellendorf makes several life changing decisions because of this woman, I was quite interested to see how their first meeting would go. Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. Brigitte is a character that instantly catches your attention. She is not a proper little princess like you might expect. Her families largely ignores her, and even Erich has a moment where he wonders if she isn't a little crazy. However, that doesn't stop him from being captivated by her. 

I enjoyed the interplay between these two characters. Brigitte is flirty and wild, wanting boys to chase her just so she can put them off. Erich sees this and refuses to play her game, but instead plays his own. It is a fun and memorable beginning to their relationship, one that promises the rest of their story will be one you want to read. 

The Officer's Code is available now from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle, and Barnes and Noble.

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