Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Introducing: Lyn Alexander

Get to know more about Lyn Alexander to day and how her own history has influenced her writing. 

"I started writing when I was twelve and have never stopped since.
When I was seventeen I walked out of high school under a cloud, and a few weeks later on my eighteenth birthday ran away to enlist in the Royal Canadian Air Force. In boot camp on Day One, lowest of the low, I was abruptly introduced to a challenging military life of discipline, physical effort, teamwork, drill and regulations. Almost as quickly I picked up pride in the uniform and in myself, pride in duty, honour, fidelity, and high principle.
Eight years later I was commissioned from the ranks, so I experienced military life from two distinct perspectives. While in the RCAF, I wrote my first full-length novel, Steelwalker. I sent it off to an agent in New York, who immediately sold it to Doubleday, and sent me a munificent cheque for $1600.00 (U.S. funds), about two months’ pay at that time. Ah foolish me: I thought it was just that simple!
Eventually I resigned my commission to study veterinary medicine, mainly because at that moment in history there was no advancement for women in uniform. Today we have woman generals. Onward and upward, ladies!
It took ten hard years to work my way from pre-university to a veterinary degree. While a student at Ontario Veterinary College, I have taken the temperature of a dolphin, and filed the nails of a circus elephant! Since graduating in 1977, I practiced small-animal veterinary medicine and surgery, specialising in pets, exotics, and reptiles. I retired in 2009.
I have travelled much of Western Europe, the U.S.A. and most of Canada, and speak three foreign languages badly."

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