Monday, October 29, 2012

New Book: The Last Best Hope

Last week we got a taste of WW1-era Europe and the history of that time and the people who lived through it. This week, the historical fiction novel being featured is taking us down a different historical path. An alternate one. We've probably all wondered what the U.S. would be like to day if the South had won the civil war. David Parrott attempts to answer that question in The Last Best Hope

"Historians have often asked, What if the South had won at the Battle of Gettysburg? what if, indeed?

1865: The South has won The Civil War; Robert E. Lee is President of the Confederate States of America; and Abraham Lincoln is paralyzed and a fugitive, protected by remnants of the defeated Union Army after being shot in the spine when Washington was sacked by the Rebels. Slavery is legal and has penetrated all sectors of the land that was once the United States of America. John Wilkes Booth, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and The PInkertons all play a pivotal tole in the shaping of the now permanently divided nation. 

Set in the oil boom area of Northwest Pennsylvania, The Last Best Hope, follows the lives of Captain Ezekiel Edwards, Chastity Stottish, others deeply impacted by the aftermath of both stunning victory and shameful defeat in a sweeping drama of romance, adventure, and hope for a better tomorrow." 

The Last Best Hope is available now from Amazon