Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Night Journey

A family wedding over the weekend should mean a few days of fun and friends...not ghosts and near death experiences. Emma isn't thrilled when she learns the hotel they are staying at has a history of supernatural visitors, but she doesn't believe in ghost, so what does it matter? Right? Her beliefs are quickly challenged with strange experiences and an inexplicable familiarity with the hotel. 

The history behind this book was what drew me in initially. I really enjoyed the real "ghost stories" mentioned in the book and the details about the hotel and its otherworldly residents. I'm not big into paranormal sightings and such, but knowing this hotel really has these stories gave the book more depth for me. 

The characters in Night Journey were another element that kept me reading. You meet Emma, and from the first few pages you can feel her emotional struggle and sympathize with the hardships she's been going through. When it comes to the topic of children, I couldn't help but get sucked into Emma's agony. Emma has great strength as well. She's been through a lot, but she doesn't fold. I enjoyed her character and felt as though I was taking the journey right along with her. 

Zan was a great character as well. His love and concern for Emma is very endearing. As he waits feeling helpless but desperate to save her, it's hard not to wring your hands along with him. The side characters were interesting as well. With some, like Moonbeam, I wasn't sure about at first, but Browning used them well to foreshadow and give aid when needed without letting their eccentricities overpower the story. 

The flow of the story overall was well done. Browning kept the action going while still delivering quality storyline. My only issue with flow was in the beginning where there was a lot of history being given. At times it was a bit too much all at once. Even though it was interesting, it could have been broken up a little more. Aside from that, I stayed interested all the way through and stayed anxious about what was going to happen. 

Overall, this was a fascinating story with great history, wonderful characters, and a plot that you can get caught up in. 

Would I recommend this book? Yes, there is a lot in this story that appeals to readers of all types. 

Who would I recommend this book to? Paranormal readers will certainly enjoy this book, but those who aren't big into the paranormal will enjoy it too thanks to the history, good relationships between the characters, and mystery.

Night Journey is available now from Amazon and B&N