Thursday, November 15, 2012

Favorites: The Blemished

Something readers don't always get in YA fiction is real depth in the characters. Some writers bank on the love story or the action or the mystery of their book to carry the reader on to the end. It may be a very good story, but there is something missing, and readers know it. They want depth and complication. 

Sarah Dalton provided plenty of depth in her characters. The cast of The Blemished held and array of deep backstories, twisted motives, and conflicting emotions. This enhanced the romantic elements of the book, as well as made the "villains" much more realistic. 

One of my favorite characters in this book was Murgatroyd. For those that have read The Blemished, that may seem odd since this woman is the bane of Mina's existence. She is a horrible woman, yes, but she has very complicated reasons for her actions and an emotional depth that exceeded any other secondary character. I honestly look forward to reading more about this woman and finding out what turned her into a woman who canes children and hunts them down relentlessly. I'm sure it will be a fascinating story. 

Find out more about The Blemished by checking out the YouTube book trailer!

The Blemished is available now from Amazon in paperback and ebook