Thursday, November 22, 2012

Favorites: Violet Shadows

Aside from the fascinating history of the French Resistance during WW2 portrayed in Violet Shadows, the characters and their various motivations really struck me. Each character introduced has a story, and each story has provided that character with motivations for their actions during the war. 

Marie/Violet wants vengeance for her brothers death. Father Michel wants to do what is right and protect the parishioners in his care. Jean wants to serve his own needs, and for the moment the Resistance seem to serve his purposes. You even get to see a little of those serving on the opposite side of the movement. 

What was so interesting about these characters is that Melanie Rose was able to make you understand both sides, to a certain degree. No character was superficial. Each had motivations that drew you in and made you care about their lives, and whether or not they would be successful. The depth of characters pulls readers into this glimpse of 1940s France. 

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