Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: You're Busting My Nuptials

Tizzy and Ridge made it through the murder investigation that brought them together, but on the day meant to be their happiest...Ridge is nowhere to be found. Rumors that Ridge bailed on the wedding get Tizzy riled up and ready to hunt Ridge down. She fully intends to prove everyone wrong. She knows Ridge would never abandon her. Her gut tells her something is very wrong, and apparently she and her band of eccentric friends are the only ones willing to find Ridge. 

Tizzy's search to find Ridge is a serious problem, where she suspects the man she loves is in very real danger. That doesn't keep Ann Everett from throwing in a whole mess of hilarious situations and outlandish detours. I love Everett's humor. At times it is over the top, but never in an annoying way. Paralyzing fears of clowns and garden gnomes could be a turn off in the wrong hands, but Everett weaves every humorous element into the story seamlessly. The amount of humor was always well balanced with tender moments where the reader gets to see inside Tizzy's head and really experience the emotional struggle she faces. 

The characters in Ann Everett's books are very well written. Their are goofy elements to each character, but these fun aspects make each one come alive, and give the reader confidence that a situation always has the potential to devolve into hilarity. Even Tizzy's daughter, who isn't a main focus of the book, has a backstory that compels readers to care about her and hope everything turns out for her sake as well as Tizzy's. It's even more fun knowing that many of the characters are based on real people.

The mystery surrounding Ridge's disappearance does not take a backseat to the humor in this book. Each step in the search to figure out where and why Ridge disappeared was well though out. Everett throws out possibilities to give the reader plenty of possible endings, but keeps the secret right up to the end. I enjoyed following the trail with Tizzy the whole way. 

Overall, this was a fabulous book. There's so much love about it. Even though Ridge is not in this book as much of the first, the romance remains strong throughout. Those looking for a well developed mystery will enjoy the search for Ridge. And of course, Everett will keep you laughing the whole way through. The emotional ride pulls readers along from scene to scene. You'll be laughing one moment, then tearing up next. Everett weaves a wonderful tale of humor, love, and danger. 

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! I loved every part of this book. It's a great read that many readers will enjoy. 

Who would I recommend this book to? Romance, mystery, and humor readers will eat this book up. It's hard to find a group that wouldn't enjoy this book. Ann Everett will quickly become a favorite for readers of many genres. The only warning I want to point out is that some of the romantic scenes may not be appropriate for younger readers. 

You're Busting My Nuptials is available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle, as well as from Ann Everett's website

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