Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Louisiana Longshot

In Fortune's mind, blowing her cover to save another woman's life wasn't a mistake. It was the right thing to do. Her boss doesn't agree. Regardless of who's right and who's wrong, the fact is, Fortune now has a price on her head. Hiding is the last thing she wants to do. Pretending to be an ex-beauty queen turned librarian...Fortune would rather takes her chances with the hitmen. Promises that Sinful, Louisiana will be the perfect place for her to lay low only last until a human bone turns up in her backyard on her first night in town. 

The setting for this book is so enjoyable. I loved meeting the people of Sinful and finding out about them and their town. It's such a fun and unique little town with the race to get the world's best banana pudding and the Sinful Ladies Society running pretty much everything. There are laws about everything under the sun, and a story for every one. Nothing about this town was flat. 

The characters were just as good. It was hard to say even the secondary characters were really all that secondary. Each person you meet is very realistic and meld's into the overall story seamlessly. DeLeon does a great job of hinting at what some character's story might entail, but leaving you wondering and ready to pick up the next book. Fortune and the Sinful Ladies Society gals are fabulous characters. They had me laughing half the time and kept me curious about what these eccentric older ladies were really hiding. They really kept the story moving well. I was interested in them as characters as well as in the story as a whole. 

Fortune, especially is a great character. Her initial reaction to small town life is funny and believable, and watching her try to adjust and not blow her cover for a second time was just too funny. Not only that, but she's a strong female character who is ready to take care of business, but in many situations can't. Her emotion and struggles throughout the book were paired well. She was definitely a character I cared about and would like to read more about. 

Deputy Carter LeBlanc was a good character as well. He doesn't play as prominent a role as I was expecting, but DeLeon hinted at a deeper story that will be touched on in later books. He's a complex character, not to mention handsome, and he is someone that catches your attention even though he isn't trying. I look forward to watching his relationship with Fortune develop in later books. 

The mystery that the main plot is centered around was well done. DeLeon throws out enough "maybes" to keep you guessing about what really happening, and keeps you entertained up to the end. I thought the mystery was planned out very well and wrapped up nicely at the end. Even though it was the main plot, I felt like Fortune and her new friends were really the main story. Overall, it was a very enjoyable book that I had a difficult time putting down. 

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. It was funny, entertaining, and interesting. The characters and plot were both very well done. 

Who would I recommend this book to? Anyone who enjoys good Southern humor, mystery readers, chick lit's really a book a lot of people will enjoy. The only thing that might not be what people expect is that the romance is not a strong feature in this book, but it promises to play a more prominent role in late volumes. 

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