Thursday, January 17, 2013

Favorites: No Evidence of a Crime

Sometimes with crime mysteries, the characters get lost in the details of the crime and the mystery they are trying to solve. That can still make an interesting story, but the mystery is always better when the characters come to life and readers connect. 

Vondrak did a good job with the relationships in this book. I felt concerned about the characters not only when they were in danger, but also just in general. I wanted them to make it through and not be screwed over because they were trying to o the right thing. I wanted them to find their places in life and be happy. 

Each of the two main characters had pasts that made it hard for them to fit in when the book starts. I enjoyed watching them change and grow throughout the story. In particular, the relationship that develops between Jim and Kathleen as partners kept me reading. They were both so independent in the beginning. The defined their roles in the partnership based on what others expected of them and what their duty was. It was interesting to watch them grow an develop a real partnership and friendship. 

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